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China Southern Upset Recovery Seminar in Zhuhai

20-21 July 2012: Upset Recovery / Loss of Control In-Flight Seminar at China Southern Airlines

Zhuhai Loss of Control In-Flight Seminar by CAE and APS

Opening Ceremony at China Sourthern AirlinesOver the course of two days in Zhuhai China, the APS Emergency Maneuver Training President, Paul BJ Ransbury, and CAE Chief Safety Officer, Lou Nemeth, delivered a 2-day seminar on airplane upset prevention and upset recovery training (UPRT) to China Southern Airlines, Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) regulators and participants from China Eastern Airlines. With the assistance of three dedicated Chinese-English aviation translators, the event for the 40 attendees included approximately 12-hours of multimedia classroom briefing and a dedicated 6-hour Level D full flight simulator session. The event organizer for this China Southern Airlines, CAE and APS event was Ken Baker, CAE Head of Training in Zhuhai China.
The academic ground training sessions on loss of control in-flight mitigation history, threats, strategies and techniques, addressed a wide diversity of important safety of flight considerations at the global airline training level. Twenty-four (24) airline pilots, or 12 crews, cycled through back-to-back 30-minute CAE simulator upset recovery sessions over the course of 6-hours with UPRT expert instructor, Paul BJ Ransbury, from APS.

China Southern Airlines trains many of its cadets at its joint venture location with the CAE Global Academy in Perth, Australia. Following the upset recovery training event in Zhuhai, Ransbury and Nemeth visited both the Perth and Melbourne Australia ab initio training centers to meet with safety and training personnel over the course of their 2-week Asia-Australia tour.


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