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Expand Your Technical Expertise

Expand your technical expertise as a safety-minded and growth-oriented pilot. APS’s diversity of online Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT) courses and webinars support you and/or your team’s need for convenient self-paced 24/7 learning resources during the COVID-19 crisis. Please browse the tabs below to view our library of online learning options, or, fill out the form below to suggest a topic. Media coverage sampling …


  • Credit any amount paid for online courses to your future full UPRT program up to $1000 per pilot
  • Use downtime to learn critical academics related to UPRT and preventing Loss of Control In-flight
  • Explore and understand more about UPRT options and best practices
  • Find out important UPRT considerations specific to your aviation sector

Online Learning Center Options

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Customized Webinars On-Demand

Learn remotely by engaging your team with turnkey training and education options integrating a diversity of leading-edge technological tools:

  • Multiple-presenters, dedicated moderator per event, HD video injections, live chat, Q&A mode, optional raise-your-hand-to-speak feature, private and shared polling, special offers, file handouts, and event-replay features for days, weeks, or months.
  • Click on the box below for more information and topic examples.

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