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APS Mitigations for COVID-19

APS Is Currently Open for Full Flight Operations

APS has resumed flight operations at all of its locations. In an effort to ensure the safety and comfort of our valued customers and staff, we have implemented comprehensive, CDC-supported measures to maximize the integrity of a COVID-19 Coronavirus-free training environment.

Measures taken in accordance with state, federal and and CDC guidance include but are not limited to:

  • Phone screening prior to scheduling and again prior to entering premises to see if they have had any symptoms or have been exposed to anyone with symptoms or have COVID-19.
  • Doing temperature checks for all customers and staff when arriving at the facility
  • Unless fully vaccinated, encouraging face masks to be worn but not required during close proximity to other customers and APS team members including in the aircraft.
  • Seating re-arranged in classrooms to ensure 6’ social distancing
  • Sanitizing spaces/furniture with approved disinfectant either nightly or prior to customer arrival daily, cockpits between each flight and simulator prior to each use as well.
  • Unless fully vaccinated, the APS Team will wear face masks any time they are within 6’ of another person
  • We are not accepting customers from international countries listed on the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website as Level 3 with Restrictions.

Please contact us with any additional questions on our COVID-19 mitigation measures.

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