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APS Instructors

Professional Expertise

APS’ elite instructors are chosen from the most experienced, friendly, and professional pilots in the industry. Together they bring unique and valuable real-world experience in military, corporate, aerobatic, and commercial aviation. Our instructors must graduate from APS’ demanding 5-week qualification program in addition to their many years of military and/or commercial flight experience.  Mentored at APS under the supervision of senior APS UPRT masters for a period of two full years, APS guarantees standardized instructor qualifications and expertise, ensuring you receive the same high-standard, professional UPRT at every APS location on every training platform.

Master CFI Instructors

An essential component of our unparalleled instructional philosophy, APS instructor pilots achieve the Master Certified Flight Instructor-Aerobatics (MCFI-A) designation by the end of their first year with APS and are required to maintain currency. Learn more about the MCFI and its rigorous requirements here.


UPRT Advanced Instructor Pilot
• Advanced UPRT Instructor
• Arizona Instructor
Jason “Duke” Smith
Advanced Instructor Pilot
Kees De Kok
Advanced Instructor Pilot

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