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All APS training locations are dedicated to providing the highest level of training available. Our standardized programs ensure each location offers identical quality-assured, standardized services while each location’s facilities and training airspace provide the ideal environment for optimum Upset Prevention & Recovery Training.

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APS’ largest training center and corporate headquarters is strategically located at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (KIWA) in Mesa, Arizona, just east of Phoenix. Chosen for its reputation as the sunniest region in North America and the open, easily accessible airspace over surrounding desert and high-altitude Military Operating Areas (MOAs) over mountainous terrain for training, APS Arizona is optimally located globally for its core services. When not training, our students enjoy a diversity of accommodations, shopping, and entertainment in Mesa, one of the fastest growing cities in the valley.

Check the timeline of our new headquarters facility now open at KIWA!

Arizona Facility Details

  • Largest civilian fleet of dedicated upset training aircraft in one location
  • Flight training conducted a three-minute flight away in designated airspace over the Sonoran Desert
  • 8 Aircraft (6 piston & 2 jets) and 2 simulators
  • 40 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
  • On-field FBO for transient airplanes

Aircraft/Simulators Available

  • Extra 300L
  • SIAI-Marchetti S211
  • Dedicated APS simulator platforms
    • Light multi-engine turboprop (King Air 200)
    • Medium multi-engine turboprop (ATR 42)
    • Business Jet (Citation II)
    • Large transport category (737/A320)

Mesa/Phoenix Highlights

Phoenix offers a variety of recreational activities, including professional football, hockey, basketball, and baseball as well as a wide variety of performing arts, museums, cultural centers, and outdoor pursuits. Several hotels are also conveniently located a few minutes from our door. Whether you are coming as an individual pilot, flight crew, or with your entire family, APS Arizona and its surrounding attractions will ensure your visit educational, fun, and memorable.

Airport Details

  • Class D Towered Airport
  • 300+ days of average sunshine per year
  • Airport served by Allegiant Airlines with direct flights across the U.S.
  • Formerly Williams Air Force Base
  • Three runways more than 9,000 feet in length
  • 7 approach procedures – ILS, RNAV and VOR or TACAN
  • Home to Cessna and Embraer Service Centers

Aviation Performance Solutions Headquarters
5649 South Avery Circle, Bldg. 1
Mesa, AZ 85212

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Toll Free: 1-866-359-4273
Office: 1-480-279-1881
Fax: 1-480-279-1882

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APS’ training location at the CAE Dothan Training Center (CAE DTC) in Dothan, Alabama provides a powerful and unique experience for military organizations and civilian turboprop pilots. Together with CAE, APS offers Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) to the US military as well as other domestic and foreign military organizations and civilians. Integrated UPRT includes academic training in state-of-the-art classrooms, on-aircraft training in the Grob 120TP and simulator training in one of four CAE 7000XR Series C-12 King Air full-flight simulators (FFSs).

Alabama Facility Details

  • Northwest of Dothan, Dothan Regional Airport is served by commercial regional airlines
  • Partnership with CAE
  • Training area nearby over rural areas, clear of commercial airspace
  • 5 aircraft and 2 simulators

Aircraft/Simulators Available

  • Grob 120TP
  • Level-D C12/King Air (KA) Simulator
  • Grob 120TP FSTD

Dothan Highlights

A little over 20 minutes southeast of the airport, 30 miles east of Ft. Rucker, and 20 minutes north of the Florida state line, Dothan is a modest-sized town with a variety of outdoor and cultural destinations from museums to the Adventureland Theme Park. Multiple moderately priced hotels are located near the airport.

Airport Details

  • Two runways, one 8,499 ft, one 5,489 ft
  • Class D Towered Airport
  • Commercial regional airline traffic
  • Instrument approaches – ILS, RNAV and VOR/DME
  • KDHN Airport code

CAE Dothan Training Center
391 Art Morris Drive
Dothan, AL 36303

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Toll Free: 1-866-359-4273
Office: 480-279-1881
Fax: 817-465-1882

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The Netherlands

APS Europe is located in the Netherlands at Breda International Airport/Seppe Airport (EHSE). About an hour drive south of Amsterdam and an hour drive north of Brussels, Breda Airport offers an ideal flight training location with access to low-density airspace almost immediately after takeoff. The airport is home to numerous corporate or general aviation operators, along with emergency services and a popular on-field restaurant.

Netherlands Facility Details

  • Based at Breda International Airport (EHSE)
  • An hour from Brussels and Amsterdam
  • Features a lounge with free coffee, tea and WiFi

Aircraft/Simulators Available

  • Slingsby T67M200 Firefly
  • CAE Level-D Boeing 737NG Simulator

Regional Highlights

Situated in the beautiful Dutch countryside, APS Europe is conveniently located a short 2- to 10-minute drive from several 4-star hotels, cafes, restaurants and entertainment activities. Many beautiful wooded-walking paths nearby also offer relaxing strolls after a comprehensive day of training. Nearby activities include an indoor skydive facility, go-cart center, 9-hole golf course, and an indoor swimming center. For those interested in exploring outside the local area, beautiful beaches and classic windmills are within a 45-minute drive.

Airport Details

  • Non-towered general aviation airport
  • One 2,723-foot runway and 1,637-foot grass strip
  • Immediate access to low-density airspace for UPRT training
  • Home of the Vliegend Museum Seepe (The Flying Museum of Seepe)

APS Europe, LLC. A Division of Aviation Performance Solutions
Bredasebaan 8
4744 RZ Bosschendhoofd, Netherlands

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Local Information (USA to NL): 011 +31 16 5313559
Local Information (EU to NL): +31 16 5313559
Bookings for APS Europe: 1-480-279-1881 (USA)

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