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Questions When Selecting an Upset Recovery Training Provider

Questions to Ask a Prospective Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) Provider

selecting an upset recovery training provider

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Can you please tell me about your company’s history in UPRT?

  • Is UPRT the Provider’s Primary Domain of Business
  • Number of Pilots, with Experience Similar to You or Your Flight Department, has the Provider Trained in the Last Three Years
  • Get Industry-relevant References and Call Them
  • Safety Record (Investigate any Incidents and/or Accidents)

Falcon 900 Jet AviationCan you please provide some details on your UPRT program?

  • Written Syllabus (preferably Part 141 in US)
  • Confirm a Building Block Approach to Training
  • Program Must Include Awareness, Prevention and Recovery
  • Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid – Revision 2 Compliant
  • Delivered in Relation to the LOC-I Threat Distribution
  • Vetted by Industry. If so, how?
  • UPRT is NOT Aerobatics: Ask for an explanation why and the answer needs to make sense.

Eric "Gaard" NedergaardCan you please provide more in depth information about your UPRT instructors?

  • Investigate the Extent of All-Attitude All-Envelope Experience of Each Instructor (Amount of Hour, In What Domain (military, aerobatics, UPRT), How Recently)
  • Standardized (to what, by whom) and Quality Assured (How)
  • Corporate and/or Commercial Operational Experience
  • Extensive Instructional Experience in Complex Concepts in Simple Terms

What training platforms do you use for UPRT and Why?

  • Preparatory Ground Training and Lectures: e-Learning, Tablet, Instructor-led
  • On-Aircraft: Aerobatic-certified or Equivalent (Investigate Level of Maintenance)
  • Ground-based and/or In-Flight Simulators: All UPRT Conducted within a Certified Fidelity Envelope and Does/Can this Transfer to You or Your Department’s Operations

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