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Recurrent Training

Course Description

The APS Recurrent UPRT program is highly customizable and available to APS graduates who have previously completed an initial UPRT course. Participants can choose to repeat their initial full UPRT course or take the basic recurrent 1-day refresher course designed to powerfully restore essential pilot capabilities to prevent, or if necessary, recover from LOC-I, the most lethal safety threat in aviation. Recurrent training is recommended annually to maximize air safety by refreshing academic knowledge and re-embedding critical skills along with keeping graduates up-to-date on global UPRT advancements or new industry guidelines.

Participants can augment their training by adding on any number of (optional) 1/2-Day UPRT enhancements courses.

Course Elements

  • Comprehensive Review of Initial UPRT Program to Include: Techniques, Academic Features, Applied Methods, Maneuver-based Training, and Scenario-based Training
  • 1-Day Refresher Course
    2 Briefings plus 2 1on-1 Debriefing s=Sessions
    2 Flights of the Customer’s Choice (For example, the 2 x Extra 300L flights can be altered to be 2 x SIAI-Marchetti S211 jet flights or combinations there of with a mix if advanced simulation and virtual reality)
  • Note: Many customers opt to extend recurrent training for an additional 1/2-day (optional) to include a high altitude S211 jet UPRT session

Available Enhancements

High-Altitude Jet Enhancement

Fly the S211 or similar jet to gain upset training augmenting core UPRT skills in a high-speed, swept-wing jet environment while integrating modern flight deck technologies. Available as a substitute for flying the Extra 300L in your UPRT course or as an additional add-on UPRT flight in a jet.

Advanced Spin Enhancement

Augment core UPRT knowledge and skills with a customized advanced spin awareness, prevention, and recovery session focusing on aerodynamic factors, dynamic properties, certification impacts, various recovery alternatives, and specific details related to the aircraft you typically fly.

Advanced Simulator Enhancement

The advanced multi-engine jet simulator session for crew members or single pilots is designed to transfer UPRT skills learned in aircraft sessions to transport category aircraft, taking into account the aircraft’s limited visibility, heavier control forces, lower pitch and roll rates, and reduced structural margins.

Instrument Enhancement

Ideal for pilots regularly flying in IFR conditions and at night, this dedicated instrument-only upset awareness, prevention, and recovery session expands UPRT skills to instrument-only stalls and severe attitude recoveries.

Formation Enhancement

This introduction to formation principles, techniques, and flight discipline is ideal for pilots of any aircraft type who perform flight test chases, air-to-air photography, cross-country ferry flights with multiple aircraft, or those who want to experience the manual handling challenges inherent to maneuvering relative to another aircraft.

Aerobatics Enhancement

Enhance your UPRT skills with basic aerobatics instruction designed to increase aircraft handling. Typical maneuvers include various rolls, loops, half Cuban eights, and spins, as well as the hammerhead turn, Immelmann, split S, tail slide, avalanche, and other optional freestyle aerobatics.

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