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Executive & Operational Teams

Friendly professionalism

The APS executive team of experts oversees the professional delivery of all upset training programs. Setting the tone for quality and exceptional customer experience in an easygoing and enjoyable atmosphere, they ensure every student receives standardized training through strict adherence to the APS’s high-quality principles and the industry’s highest performance standards.

Operational Team

Travis Schleusner
Director of Maintenance
APS Sales Manager
John Lowe
Senior UPRT Advisor
Christina King
Executive Administrator
Gladis Hernandez
Customer Relations Assistant
Neesa McNeace
Flight Operations Service Leader
Ashley Moritz
Administrative/Client Service Specialist
Francois Jurres
Director of Business Operations, the Netherlands
APS Team Member
AnnMarie Hansen
Customer Account Specialist
Cullen Carrick
A&P Mechanic

Expert Webinar Presenters

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