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UPRT Scholarship

APS Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT) Scholarship

Each year, APS offers a scholarship for a Professional Pilot Upset Training program to deserving pilots just embarking on their aviation careers. APS has successfully trained 1000’s of professional pilots in fully comprehensive upset recovery skill development, more than any other training organization. APS offers comprehensive LOC-I solutions with industry-leading web-based, on-aircraft, and full-flight simulator upset recovery and prevention training programs.

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UPRT Scholarship Winner 2022

What Is UPRT?

Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT) is dedicated pilot training developed specifically to mitigate the risk of Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I), aviation’s biggest threat to air safety. UPRT trains pilots to develop the often counter-intuitive skills necessary to recognize and prevent or recover from an unexpected airplane upset. In addition to helping pilots develop these life-saving skills, UPRT also helps pilots improve general manual handling skills and develop mental strength. Upset Prevention and Recovery Training saves lives, and it also looks great on a resume. Pilots with Upset Prevention and Recovery Training can show not only that they are specially trained and prepared for an unexpected upset situation, but also that they are dedicated to safety as well as excellence in flying.

How To Apply For The 2025 Uprt Scholarship


  • Must be currently enrolled or recently graduated (6 months or less) from a Part 141 Flight School. Or, a student in good standing, or recently graduated (less than six months) from an accredited college/university in the United States that is a member of the University Aviation Association
  • Must have a minimum of a Private Pilot Airplane and Instrument Certificate
  • Must have a current Class III or better Medical Certificate at the time of training
  • Must be pilot current at time of training
    • IFR or Landing currency is not required
    • Must be a US Citizen, or meet current TSA aviation training requirements
    • Must complete and submit the attached application with supporting documents by the cut off date of April 1, 2025
    • Winner will be notified May 20, 2025
  • Must have the financial ability to pay for transportation, lodging, meals during the training period
  • Scholarship only covers the cost of the training program
    Must complete training by December 31, 2025
  • 2024 APS Upset Prevention & Recovery Scholarship Application

Congratulations to the previous APS Upset Prevention & Recovery Training Scholarship Winners

  • Alyssa Bodwin (2023 Scholarship Winner)
  • Emily Hogenson (2022 Scholarship Winner)
  • Elizabeth “Scottie” Manzo (2021 Scholarship Winner)
  • Chelsea Montgomery (2020 Scholarship Winner)
  • Robin Spaulding (2019 Scholarship Winner)
  • Jake Ribbe (2018 Scholarship Winner)
  • William Romualdo (2017 Scholarship Winner)
  • Chin-An Lin (2016 Scholarship Winner)
  • Alex Johnson (2015 Scholarship Winner)
  • Scott Singleton (2014 Scholarship Winner)
  • Hunter Williams (2012 Scholarship Winner)

2020 APS Upset Prevention & Recovery Training Scholarship Winner – Chelsea Montgomery

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