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Other Training Programs

Advanced Aircraft Handling Skills

The following stand-alone programs are available to any pilot interested in gaining further pilot and aircraft handling skills.

Available Programs

Tailwheel Checkout
Receive the instruction necessary for the tailwheel endorsement required by FAR Part 61.31(i) – normal and crosswind takeoffs and landings, wheel landings, and go-around …
Aerobatics Indoctrination
This 5-day course is an introduction to aerobatic flight for aspiring aerobatic pilots. Whether your intentions are recreational aerobatic flying, competition aerobatics, or …
CFI Spin Endorsement
The most comprehensive, technically complete training available for CFI candidates and budding aerobatic pilots looking to gain a thorough understanding of spins and spin …
Part 141 Courses & Certificates
Several of APS’s courses are approved and certified by the FAA as 141 Specialty Training …
Formation Flight Operations
This ultimate initial formation training program is designed to teach formation principles, techniques, and discipline to pilots of any airplane type. The five-day course offers …
Basic Extra 300L Checkout
This aircraft checkout program is designed for participants with significant tailwheel and high-performance …
Advanced Extra 300L Checkout
This aircraft checkout program is designed for participants who want the most familiarity and proficiency in all aspects of Extra 300L flight and ground operations. It is ideal …
Customized Aerobatics
APS provides programs specifically designed to meet your personal flying objectives, from improving your flying skills to becoming an aerobatic competitor. Length, flights, and …

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