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Next-Generation Flight School Upset Training Featured at the World Aviation Training Summit (WATS) 2023

This year at the World Aviation Training Summit (WATS), Aviation Performance Solutions LLC (APS) CEO Paul ‘BJ’ Ransbury will deliver a presentation on preparing future airline pilots to prevent their #1 safety threat, Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I). Ab initio Upset Prevention and Recovery Training training produces resilient pilots with advanced piloting skills that enhance awareness central to the prevention of airplane upsets.

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Mesa, AZ – April 4, 2023:

Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) CEO Paul ‘BJ’ Ransbury will deliver a presentation at the 2023 World Aviation Training Summit (WATS) on next-generation flight school Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT). The industry has championed properly delivered UPRT to prepare future airline pilots to comprehensively prevent the number one fatal threat they will face, Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I).

The benefits of ensuring UPRT programs meet the standards of effectiveness necessary to create resilient pilots as opposed to simply checking the boxes to meet regulatory minimums warrant consideration for every flight organization, especially during the current pilot shortage. There are dramatic differences in effectiveness between a minimum regulatory-compliant UPRT program and a truly comprehensive UPRT program that produces highly competent pilots.   

“Our breadth of multi-decade expertise teaching UPRT to pilots of all experience levels has confirmed that comprehensive UPRT is critical to pilots no matter where they are in their career,” said APS CEO Paul BJ Ransbury. “In addition, effectively delivered UPRT at the ab initio level pays immeasurable dividends throughout a pilot’s career in terms of awareness, capability, and manual flight operations proficiency, resulting in a pilot who will enter the workforce not only with advanced skills to overcome aviation’s number one fatal threat, but also with a strongly embedded sense of safety culture and excellence.”

Going to WATS 2023? Here are the presentation details: 


At APS, We Help Pilots Bring Everyone Home Safely. Our proven Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) system—delivered by expertly trained and qualified UPRT instructors in the industry—overcomes the #1 Fatal Threat of Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) and has saved 100s of lives. Our world class facilities are dedicated to optimizing the learning experience: APS provides transformational training customized to the needs of professional pilots. Perfected for over 25 years, our solutions for every fixed wing pilot maximize skills and abilities to bring everyone home safely… on every flight.

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