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APS Instructor Pilot Receives 2023 NBAA Professionalism in Aviation Award

APS advanced instructor pilot, Lee ‘Monty’ Hall, has been awarded the 2023 NBAA Dr. Tony Kern Professionalism in Aviation Award for outstanding professionalism and leadership in support of aviation safety.

 APS UPRT Instructor Pilot

Las Vegas, NV – October 19, 2023:

Aviation Performance Solutions (APS), the global leader in Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT), is pleased to announce that APS advanced instructor pilot, Lee ‘Monty’ Hall, was awarded the 2023 NBAA Dr. Tony Kern Professionalism in Aviation Award at the National Aviation Business Aviation (NBAA) Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (BACE) convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. The award recognizes individual aviation professionals who continually demonstrate outstanding professionalism and leadership that drive business aviation safety.

Monty has spent the last 6 years working full-time to mitigate the number one fatal risk to pilots, Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I). He has served in leadership and instructor positions throughout his career including 11 years as Program Manager for the USAF’s Initial Flight Training program in Colorado. Before that he spent 26 years as a US Air Force Officer and fighter pilot leading hundreds of personnel safely in critical flight operations around the world. Having trained thousands of pilots at all experience levels, Monty’s forward-thinking expertise and dedication to aviation safety has made a significant impact on the aviation industry.

“Lee Hall has devoted his full time efforts to mitigating the number one fatal threat every pilot faces,” says Paul Ransbury, president of Aviation Performance Solutions. “His commitment to safety and the APS purpose to help pilots bring everyone home safely is underscored by his contagiously positive personality and genuine love for people, making him a true leader in the industry and the guy that everyone wants to be in the cockpit with.”

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