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APS and USAIG Discuss Upset Training at NBAA-BACE 2016

Paul BJ Ransbury, APS President
Paul Ratte, USAIG Director of Aviation Safety Programs

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Paul BJ Ransbury: Welcome Paul! Here we are at the end of the NBAA-BACE convention for 2016, and I thought I would grab you for few minutes to talk about our relationship with USAIG, and APS and Upset Prevention and Recovery Training. So perhaps what the viewers might be interested in is why USAIG was looking for a solution to loss of control and maybe what the motivations were, and how does it benefit your membership?
Paul Ratte: Well, I mean it’s a big threat. The numbers tell us that it’s the number one killer, and you know, obviously, there are other modes of accidents that happen, but this one produces fatalities.  You know, when an upset progresses fully to an accident, the outcome is usually grim. So, it merits close attention, and it merits some mitigation. And, we at USAIG kind of cast our nets wide initially on a search to find an associate in this field, and the span narrowed quickly, and we’re very happy to find your product.
As you remember, we came out to Phoenix and audited your course. One of our pilots took the flying portions. I did the ground base portions comfortably, at 1g all times, and we found your curriculum very advanced, very well laid, logical, and harkening back to my prior roles as an aviation trainer, as an instructor pilot and a simulator instructor–all that rang true for me, you know, the level of standardization, the level of quality assurance you place on your instructors to make sure that the product, the training, is being delivered correctly, systemically, repeatable across all your students. It just seemed right, in a nutshell, and it was a clean fit.
Ransbury: So, we’ve been doing this just over a year now, I believe, and what kind of feedback are you getting from customers about the program?
Ratte: The feedback’s great. I think we both know that there are some people that are a little bit apprehensive about doing this training in the aircraft, and there’s that bubble out there. There are some folks that adopt it very easily, and there’s some folks that, you know, kind of need to be reminded about the very good reasons that you so aptly put in your briefings to industry about the physiological responses that are just really tough to duplicate in the simulator. So, the feedback from those that have actually gone through it has been clearly, clearly very positive. I can’t recall a negative response to it. Once they’ve gotten over the initial apprehension, the feedback is great.
And, we really feel like, justified or not, that we get a little bit of a positive bounce with our customers for having made the association with APS–only as much as we may have made the introduction, they had a very positive response, and somehow, we play a role in the transaction. We’re very grateful for it.
Ransbury: Well, that’s great! I can tell you that USAIG’s role has been very proactive and clearly cares a lot about its customers and their safety. And, I think it is really rewarding for us to see somebody like yourself, and your program, and your company that’s so proactive in helping its members find training that’s really going to help them be safer and truly potentially save a life, so it’s a great honor to be a part of this.
Ratte: Right, and it is for us to. You know, one of the things that we notice about the clients that want to do your training, is that they are active risk managers and risk assessors, and that’s obviously something that is very meaningful to an insurer. When the policyholder is actively looking at their threats, coming up with ways to mitigate those threats, that’s the policy holder that we want to be long term associated with. So, your program, and our policy holders’ level of interest in your program, is an identifying sign to us that that’s the kind of policy holder want to be associated with. So, it’s a great tool for that, even after the fact that the policyholders’ pilots get stronger in their upset mitigation skills.
Ransbury: Great! Thank you for taking time out of your schedule today, Paul, it’s great to work with you.
Ratte; You too, enjoy the convention.
Learn more about APS-USAIG Upset Prevention & Recovery Training…

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