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APS Announces Airbus Type-Specific Upset Training Course

Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) Offers Airlines Around the World Airbus A320/A330/A340 Type-Specific Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) in Full Compliance with ICAO. Loss of Control In-flight, the Leading Cause of Fatalities in Commercial Aviation Globally, is Comprehensively Addressed by ICAO-Compliant UPRT.
Aviation Week Coverage: Training Programs Target Airbus Upsets
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APS Announces Airbus Type-Specific Upset Training Course
MESA, ARIZONA – March 14, 2017 – Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) announced today the official release of its Airbus Type-Specific Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) program. The APS Airbus A320 / A330 / A340 type-specific UPRT program is in compliance with ICAO Document 10011 Manual on Aeroplane UPRT as well as Airbus Operational Training Transmissions (OTTs) and published guidance on conducting UPRT in Airbus Fly-by-Wire airplanes. The program has been tested and refined over three years on more than 900 Airbus pilots. This particular program is unique for APS in that APS deploys its Airbus type-specific experts to the customers’ preferred training location globally.
Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) is defined as flight that occurs outside of the normal flight envelope with an inability of the pilot to control the aircraft. In a July 2016 report issued by Boeing for the years 2006 through 2015, LOC-I is identified as the leading cause of fatalities in commercial aviation worldwide. LOC-I represents more than 40% of all fatalities. The APS Airbus Type-Specific UPRT program, for both airlines and training centers, mitigates the LOC-I threat to air safety through pilot education and practical skill development.
Loss of Control In-flight Stats
Brad Bennetts, the South African Airways (SAA) UPRT program manager and lead instructor, is both an APS-Certified Airbus Simulator UPRT Instructor and APS-Certified Airbus Simulator Train-the-Trainer Instructor. Bennetts, the APS Airbus UPRT Chief Instructor, brings more than 20 years of all-attitude experience and years of training hundreds of Airbus airline pilots in full compliance with Airbus UPRT delivery guidance adhering to unfailing, precise compliance with APS UPRT technologies, advancements and proprietary training methods. South African Airways is an APS-Licensed UPRT Airline.
“This new Airbus Type-specific upset training program has been in development for over three years and has now been fully vetted and is completely ready for mainstream airline training delivery,” says Paul BJ Ransbury, president of Aviation Performance Solutions. “Under the leadership of the APS Airbus UPRT Chief Instructor, Brad Bennetts, this program is fully comprehensive, in direct compliance with ICAO and Airbus UPRT guidance, and a truly incredible learning experience for all type-rated fourth generation Airbus pilots. APS is committed to developing industry-leading information, training resources and programs necessary to ultimately overcome aviation’s leading fatal threat to air safety, Loss of Control In-flight.” For more information

Aviation Performance Solutions LLC (APS), headquartered at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport in Mesa, Arizona, trains thousands of professional pilots and instructors in comprehensive upset prevention and recovery training skill development. APS provides integrated LOC-I solutions via industry-leading computer-based, on-aircraft (jet and piston), and full-flight simulator upset prevention & recovery training (UPRT). All training is in full compliance with the Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid, FAA Advisory Circular 120-109A on Stall and Stick Pusher Training, ICAO Manual on Aeroplane Upset Prevention and Recovery Training, IATA Guidance Material and Best Practices for the Implementation of Upset Prevention and Recovery Training, and the FAA Advisory Circular 120-111 on Upset Prevention and Recovery Training. APS is the only Part 141 Flight School certified in the delivery of complete upset prevention & recovery, stall/spin and instrument upset recovery training courses worldwide. With additional training locations in Dallas (USA), The Netherlands (Europe), Saudi Arabia (Middle East) and military division in Dothan (USA), APS provides global access to the highest quality upset prevention and recovery training available.


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