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APS President Attends NBAA Safety Committee Leadership Meeting

Ed Bolen, NBAA President and CEO, speaks to the NBAA Safety Committee

APS president Paul BJ Ransbury spent two days in Washington, DC this week at the July, 2016 NBAA Safety Committee leadership meeting at NBAA headquarters. Ed Bolen, the NBAA President and CEO (pictured right), presented and discussed the NBAA strategic plan and his vision on role of the safety committee’s integration to accomplish NBAA strategic objectives.
This first annual NBAA Safety Committee leadership meeting revisited the committee’s priorities and focus. Over two days, the committee’s leadership team affirmed the organization’s purpose and values in addition to analyzing and upgrading the mission statement of the committee for the next 3 to 5 year period. With this clear and renewed vision, the 18 month and five year strategic plan were developed for presentation to the NBAA advisory board.
Without question, the NBAA Safety Committee remains squarely focused on ‘making business aviation safer’, it’s defining purpose. Through leveraging a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, the committee develops meaningful and useful solutions and tools for the NBAA membership. The core value areas of professionalism, safety culture, airmanship, and leadership, for example, guide the committee’s efforts and decision making as the business aviation industry evolves in response to demands, technology advancements, challenges and safety concerns. A founding principle and role of the committee is to stay connected to the business aviation industry in a relevant and current manner. In January of each year, the NBAA Safety Committee’s Risk Analysis Team assesses the then-current risks, hazards, incidents and accidents in conjunction with NTSB, FAA and ICAO safety focus areas to formulate its targets for the next 10 month period leading up to the NBAA annual convention in the last quarter of each year. Currently comprised of 66 passionate, diversely experienced and qualified aviation experts, the committee is recognized around the world as a progressive, modern, influential and dedicated body of safety experts committed to maximizing air safety.
APS president, Paul BJ Ransbury, is honored to be the lead for the committee’s Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) Working Group, the #1 threat to air safety faced by all categories of business aviation and the NBAA’s constituents. The LOC-I Working Group’s deliverables this year for NBAA 2016 include an educational video on LOC-I to complement a useful, clear and simple resource tool centered on helping flight departments and individual pilots make effective training decisions to progressively mitigate their risks associated with LOC-I. In support of these deliverables, the LOC-I Working Group works closely with the Safety Promotions and Safety Assurance Teams within the committee to maximize the group’s alignment with the committee’s vision to optimize the impact, exposure and use of its developed resources across the business aviation community.


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