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APS Emergency Maneuver Training Finalizes FAA 141 Flight School Certification as an Exclusive Provider of Specialized Flight Training Courses to Improve Aviation Safety Worldwide


Contact: Tara Hamilton


MESA, Ariz. – Aviation Performance Solutions, LLC (APS) is proud to announce that its advanced flight training division, APS Emergency Maneuver Training, has completed the rigorous FAA 141 Flight School certification process for its highly specialized aviation safety training courses. APS is approved at the 141 certification level to provide advanced aircraft handling courses that include the complete spectrum of upset recovery, instrument recovery and advanced spin recovery courses.

“With 10 years of experience under our belts teaching pilots of all skill levels, from the newly minted private pilot through business jet corporate flight departments to highly specialized military tactical employment forces, we are excited about our programs getting the attention and certification they merit in the interest of improving flight safety in aviation worldwide”, said Paul BJ Ransbury, President of Aviation Performance Solutions. “It is deeply rewarding for our team to witness the dramatic increase in flying skills and safety awareness instilled in all graduates. They leave our course fully armed to recognized, avoid and recover from life-threatening flight conditions created from factors such as wake turbulence, pilot-induced aggravated stall conditions and unusual attitudes during scenarios that have historically lead to loss of control in flight.”

Loss of Control In Flight (LCIF) refers to accidents resulting from situations in which the pilot should have maintained or regained aircraft control but did not. This is the leading cause of U.S. airline fatal accidents as well as the leading cause of commercial aviation accidents worldwide. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires each U.S. airline to develop a training program for pilots based on its specific operations and aircraft. Meeting this need within the training industry is a tall order and requires a unique combination of instructional expertise, highly capable training aircraft and a comprehensive aerodynamic curriculum.

As a compliment to its industry-leading $3 million training facility in Arizona, APS uses the Extra 300L German-built aerobatic training aircraft. It provides the safest environment possible, yet allows pilots to explore any flight envelope or maneuver series desired. This aircraft is also the highest performance certified aerobatic aircraft in the world that allows realistic training amidst a safe environment under the guidance of a military-trained commercially experienced flight instructor. APS offers what has been appropriately coined the “Master’s Degree Program in Emergency Maneuver Training” and is receiving an influx of positive attention by pilots and aviation companies throughout the aviation industry.

For media inquiries, photos and flight information, visit or contact the APS VP Business Development, Tara Ransbury, toll free at 1-866-359-4273 or via email at

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