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Arizona-based APS Emergency Maneuver Training Releases CIRRUS-Specific Upset Recovery Training Program

CIRRUS-Specific Upset Recovery Training to CIRRUS SR-20/22
Owners and Operators Worldwide


Contact: Tara Hamilton

MESA, Az – Aviation Performance Solutions, LLC (APS) announces the release of its CIRRUS-Specific Upset Recovery Training program for CIRRUS SR-20/22 owners and operators around the world. APS Emergency Maneuver Training combines the world-class performance of the Extra 300L, the company’s advanced flight training techniques and relevant components of the CIRRUS standardized training programs to provide SR-20/22 operators with a customized upset recovery training course tailored to their specific needs.

ABOUT CIRRUS DESIGN: CIRRUS is a recognized global leader in the manufacturing of personal aviation aircraft that provide unprecedented levels of performance, quality and safety. The popular SR20 and SR22 composite airplanes incorporate innovative advanced technologies into the design, including the unique CIRRUS Airframe Parachute System (CAPS™). CIRRUS has a direct sales force in North America with sales centers across South America, Europe, China, Australasia, South Africa, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Russia.

The CIRRUS-Specific Upset Recovery Training course is a program augmentation to APS’s industry-leading Professional Pilot Upset Training program. For CIRRUS SR-20/22 owners and operators participating in the CIRRUS-PPURT, APS Emergency Maneuver Training provides a CIRRUS-Specific 2-hour ground training session on CIRRUS wing design, stall characteristics and past incident analysis combined with an in-depth review of the CIRRUS recovery techniques. Participants have the option of flying with one of APS’s CIRRUS Standardized Instructors in their own CIRRUS aircraft if they bring it to APS. The PPURT is a unique combination of advanced aircraft handling; all varieties of stalls combined with a wide spectrum of rolling upsets, wake turbulence recovery procedures and simplified safety techniques applicable to all categories of fixed wing aircraft. In addition, the PPURT includes a dedicated instrument recovery training session specifically designed for the instrument rated pilot to safely recognize, avoid and, if necessary, recover from any possible in-flight upset scenarios. The instrument panel design in the front seat of the Extra 300L is setup in exactly the same format at the SR-20/22 standby instrument panel located immediately below the CIRRUS’s Entegra EXP5000 Primary Flight Display.

“The rapid growth of technologically advanced aircraft (TAA) in the marketplace such as the CIRRUS SR-20/22 line of General Aviation aircraft is placing a tremendous demand on the flight training industry to keep up.” says Paul BJ Ransbury, President of APS and CIRRUS Standardized Instructor pilot, “It is the responsibility of advanced flight training organizations with expertly qualified personnel, such as APS Emergency Maneuver Training, to ensure all levels of both private and professional pilots flying TAA assets have access to high-quality scenario-based training providers.”

ABOUT APS EMERGENCY MANEUVER TRAINING: As a compliment to its industry-leading $3 million training facility in Arizona, APS uses the Extra 300L German-built aerobatic training aircraft. The Extra 300L provides the safest in-flight training environment possible, yet allows a pilot to explore any flight envelope or maneuver series desired. This aircraft is the highest performance certified aerobatic aircraft in the world that allows realistic training amidst a safe environment under the guidance of a military-trained commercially experienced flight instructor. APS Emergency Maneuver Training, an FAA-approved 141 Flight School specializing in Upset Recovery, Spin Training and Instrument Recovery courses, offers what has been appropriately coined the “Master’s Degree Program in Emergency Maneuver Training” and is receiving an influx of positive attention by pilots and aviation companies throughout the aviation industry.

For media inquiries, photos and flight information, visit: or contact the APS Business Development Manager, Tara Hamilton, toll free at 1-866-359-4273 or via email at

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