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APATS 2016 Provides Loss of Control-Inflight Focus

APATS 2016The Asian Pacific Airline Training Symposium (APATS) being held in Singapore this week is taking a hard look at Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) and the main source of mitigating it through Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT). As part of seven separate presentations devoted to various aspects of this problem, APS Vice President of Training and Business Development, Randall Brooks, will be discussing The Human Element in Loss of Control In-Flight.  The themes of Brooks’ address will cover differences between flight in the normal operating envelope and the upset domain, mental processing for pilots encountering an unexpected airplane upset event, and the neurological basis behind pilot performance during an upset situation leading to LOC-I.
Other speakers include Captain Captain Nathalie de Ziegler, Investigating Officer, of the French Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses (BEA) on “Feeding UPRT with Evidence”, and Dr. Jeffery Schroeder, Chief Scientific & Technical Advisor for Flight Simulation Systems for the FAA is discussing Stall/Upset Training in Simulators: Newest Developments.
Multiple presentations from aircraft manufacturers include Captain Xavier Lesceu and  Eric Fuilla-Weishaupt from Airbus and  Trent Smith from Boeing.  Captain Lesceu is the Head of Flight Operations & Training Policy for Airbus Flight Operations and Training Support and is speaking to UPRT Training, an OEM View, while Eric Fuilla-Weishaupt and  Trent Smith are both presenting information on their respective companies’ solutions to the requirement for enhanced flight simulation data packages which support extended simulator training envelopes which can support the delivery of UPRT.
Finally,  Dr. Wayne Martin, Chairman of the International Pilot Training Consortium (IPTC) ‘Prevention of Loss of Control Inflight’ Workstream provides A Global View on UPRT Solutions, which identifies the current state of UPRT globally, while also identifying coherent best practice across a range of aircraft sizes and types.
This broad coverage of this subject area demonstrates the strong interest in these issues to airline training stakeholders and regulators. This group of speakers provides a unique and comprehensive picture of LOC-I and UPRT efforts worldwide to attendees in the Asian Pacific region. APS is pleased to participate in this industry effort.


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