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UPRT Paradigm Shift to Overcome Loss of Control In-flight

Bombardier Safety Standdown 2021 Workshop: UPRT Paradigm Shift to Overcome Loss of Control In-flight

Presented By: Captain Clarke “Otter” McNeace, Aviation Performance Solutions

Since ICAO published the Manual on Aeroplane Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) in 2014, the industry has been scrambling to implement the presented training requirements. Industry inertia has caused the roll out to be largely a repackaging what’s been classic trained under the new moniker of UPRT. This classical training approach to Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) has established LOC-I as the #1 fatal threat to every fixed-wing pilot on every flight. ICAO UPRT frames the structure of a paradigm shift to overcome LOC-I yet their solutions require significant changes in our training approach to deliver on ICAO’s on-target LOC-I solutions developed by 80 industry experts over a period of five years. This presentation outlines and clarifies the critical training evolutions required to substantially mitigate LOC-I in the long-term.

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