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Reducing Risk Podcast: Jet Upset Recovery Training

In this episode Randy Brooks from APS Training joins us to talk about an important topic, reducing risk in your private aviation travel in the area of loss-of-control (LOC-I) flight.

Jet Upset Recovery Training

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ORIGINAL PRODUCTION: PJP 018 | Jet Upset Training Adds Big Value To Your Aviation Ventures

Tom Wachowski

Posted on DECEMBER 13, 2013 Written by TOM WACHOWSKI

What is LOC-I flight?

Simply put, loss-of-control (LOC-I) flight is the current #1 cause of aviation accidents. It occurs when an airplane experiences too much pitch, bank, or airspeed deviations from normal. These deviations can result in a situation requiring specific flight control inputs for safe recovery.

Unfortunately, flight crews typically receive minimal training on how to recover from these situations.

Now, make no mistake… business aviation is safe.  Recent aircraft accidents have highlighted the importance of training your flight crews to handle an upset situation (extreme pitch, bank, or airspeed deviation).

How To Prevent LOC-I:

In this Podcast, Randy talks about how you can minimize the loss-of-control (LOC-I) risk in your private jet ventures. He is Vice President of Training and Business Development at APS Training, a flight crew training provider for what’s called “jet upset recovery training.”

Randy brings over 25 years of experience in developing and executing aviation programs involving new aircraft technology, flight operations, and pilot & crew training. He’s behind famous aerobatic teams like the Red Baron Squadron, held Captain positions on corporate jets, supported flight test programs, lead the flight training program for Eclipse Aviation’s VLJ jet, and published papers on various aspects of training, simulation, and flight psychology. He’s an expert in reducing risk in business aviation and it was a privilege to interview him and hear his perspective on preventing LOC-I in your private aviation ventures.

Give this episode a listen. I count it as one of our most important on the show. Enjoy!

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