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Paradigm Shift: Loss of Control In-flight Causes and Mitigations


Join APS CEO Paul ‘BJ’ Ransbury for a series of discussions on Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) causes, mitigations and a balanced approach to overcoming the #1 fatal threat to air safety.

This first video in the series outlines the paradigm shift that must occur in order to effectively mitigate the threat of LOC-I globally. Subsequent videos will complete the discussion with the following topics:


How Is UPRT Better Than Other Insurance?

At APS, we spend all of our time teaching skills we hope pilots will never have to use. Still, having these skills in an unexpected event is the best insurance against an LOC-I related accident. And unlike other types of insurance, you will have a lot to show for your investment: refreshed manual handling skills, heightened awareness, and the ability to more effectively prevent or recover from an unexpected situation in-flight. Click below to contact us and plan your training today.


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