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Inverted Spin Recovery

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In this video we take a look at an Inverted Spin entry and recovery as part of the final training mission of the 3-Day 5-Mission Emergency Maneuver Training Course. At this point in the training, the client has participated in extensive ground training and successfully practiced recovery techniques from all upset / emergency flight condition situations to include; stalls, cross-controlled stalls, unusual attitudes, rolling upsets, wake turbulence encounters, over-banks, spiral dives, incipient spins, normal upright spins, aggravated / accelerated / flat spins as well as the completion of a variety of basic aerobatics to develop flight envelope recognition and recovery skills. The inverted spin is challenging because of the strange flight attitude of being upside down “spinning” towards the ground while hanging from the straps.
In this recovery, it is important to emphasize that the recovery from all spins (in aircraft that are recoverable) is exactly the same with the exception of the direction of movement of the control column. For the inverted spin, the control column moves “aft through neutral”** as opposed to the “forward through neutral” requirement in the upright spin. Everything else remains the same. For a more detailed explanation on the P.A.R.E. Spin Recovery Technique, please visit the following link:
Detailed Information on Inadvertent Upright or Inverted Spin Recovery
Please take a moment to a look at the Inverted Spin Recovery Video below. Note its strict adherence to the P.A.R.E. recovery technique. The P.A.R.E. recovery procedure is designed to achieve optimum anti-spin effect and is consistent with recommendations based on years of detailed spin research (the bold quotations indicate the verbal statements required during the actual recovery while airborne):

  1. “Power” Idle
  2. “Ailerons” Neutral (and Flaps Up) {when in doubt, Control Stick “Release”}
  3. “Rudder” Full Opposite Yaw Direction
  4. “Elevator” Aft Through Neutral (for the Inverted Spin)


  1. “Rudder” Neutral
  2. “Elevator” Aft to Recover Straight ahead to a Climbing Attitude. Add power in Climb.

NOTE: Techniques and considerations listed on this page should not be interpreted as over-riding or replacing recovery techniques listed in your Aircraft Operating Instructions or Flight Manual.

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