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APS Develops Airbus A320 Jet Upset Program

The president and VP Flight Training and Standards for Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) both recently spent a week in Utrecht, The Netherlands at the European Pilot Selection & Training (EPST) center working directly with a highly experienced Airbus type-rating examiner (TRE) and A320 line captain with EasyJet.

The primary objective of the development session at EPST was to develop methods of using the Airbus A320 in a representative (non-type-specific) manner to effectively deliver the training required in the Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid – Revision 2 (AURTA). The secondary objective was to determine best practices, control laws and methods to effectively teach type-specific upset prevention & recovery training (UPRT) to Airbus pilots in a manner that was compliant with the AURTA. Both objectives were comprehensively achieved. A big thank you to the entire EPST team of professionals. It was an A-plus experience all around.

Airbus 320/330/340 Upset Training Program Updates

Video Clip: Overbank Upset – Alternate Law

The video shows an over bank upset recovery with an A320 in Alternate Law. In Alternate Law several flight envelope protections are unavailable such a pitch and bank angle management. As you’ll notice in the video below, G-protection is still active which limits the amount of positive G the pilot flying (right seat) can apply during the recovery.

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