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A Look Ahead Into 2020 from APS CEO Paul Ransbury

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year! 

First and foremost, a big Thank You to our many 1000s of customers around the world for choosing Aviation Performance Solutions as your Upset Training Provider of Choice. 

2020 will be a pivotal year in the prolific distribution of Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) globally. Moreover, this distribution has now expanded beyond simulator-based delivery of UPRT, which has inherent limitations, to include greater delivery of on-aircraft training in appropriate all-attitude all-envelope aerobatic-capable airplanes.

Here’s a brief overview of some of APS’s 2020 initiatives during this historic period in aviation training advancements to overcome LOC-I and truly Help Pilots Bring Everyone Home Safely:

  • United States and International Airlines: We are continuing our support of the implementation with the FAA’s FAR 121.423 initiatives on UPRT with APS-licensed US Part 121 air carriers, while supporting airlines around the world seeking turnkey, type-specific industry-leading UPRT solutions in all models of Airbus, Boeing, and other fleets of transport aircraft.
  • Europe: Expanding our support for Europe is key this year in response to the introduction of EASA on-aircraft UPRT in December 2020. APS is presenting three levels of UPRT solutions that meet EASA requirements under our EASA Advanced UPRT FCL.745.A certificate through APS Europe, LLC.
  • Asia-Pacific: APS is strategically entering the Asia-Pacific region to address on-aircraft UPRT mandates in the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region coming into effect in March of 2020. Watch for APS Thailand announcement coming soon.
  • Flight Schools: As UPRT is adopted into FAA and EASA regulations, APS’s US Part 141 UPRT programs and EASA ATO UPRT-approved solutions are rapidly connecting with flight schools and training organizations who wish to outsource this highly specialized area of safety training.
  • Corporate/Executive Flight Departments: Another one of APS’s largest training sectors, we continue to innovate powerful solutions to LOC-I for operators in the corporate/executive flight department arena committed to implementing the most effective and long-lasting UPRT solution available. Moreover, APS remains fully supportive of the efforts of the NBAA Safety Committee through our leadership participation.
  • USAIG Performance Vector Program: USAIG continues to lead the market in mitigating the threat of Loss of Control In-flight to its members by fully engaging the world leader, APS, to ensure it’s customers get only the most effective UPRT available in the industry today. It is an honor and privilege to continue into our second contract term with USAIG as a proud member of its Performance Vector Safety Initiative.
  • Military and Government Agencies: In addition to our dedicated delivery of  UPRT to all US Army fixed-wing Aviators through the training center at APS Alabama in Dothan, APS is continuing to grow its initiatives with the USAF, US Navy, and non-military government flight operations to advance modern military training to the next level safety. 
  • All-New Facilities: APS headquarters will be taking occupancy of its two all-new facilities in Q3 2020 at APS Headquarters in Arizona. The new facilities will not only house all APS operations, administration, and sales support teams, they will also integrate built-in simulator resources and the APS fleet of UPRT-optimized piston and jet training aircraft.

We Help Pilots Bring Everyone Home Safely

The threat of Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) is a top fatal accident category, generally found in the #1 position in every segment of fixed-wing aviation both nationally and internationally.

Expanding APS’s proven-effective solutions that overcome LOC-I and significantly reduce the threat of LOC-I remains our sole focus. It’s all we do, every day, in every sector of aviation.  

We look forward to seeing you at one of APS’s global locations in 2020. Safe journeys to all!


Paul BJ Ransbury, CEO
Aviation Performance Solutions
The Global Leader in Upset Prevention and Recovery Training


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