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New Jersey-based Charter Services Company Selects Upset Recovery Training Provider

Teterboro, 7 September 2010 – Polaris Aviation Solutions, an aircraft management and charter services company with world headquarters in Teterboro, NJ, announced today it has selected APS Emergency Maneuver Training to provide Airplane Upset Prevention & Recovery Training to its Boeing 767 and Gulfstream pilots.


Over the past 50 years of statistically analyzed accident history in commercial aviation, Loss of Control In-Flight (LOC-I) is indisputably one of the leading causes of airplane crashes and crash-related fatalities worldwide.In a report issued by Boeing in July 2009, the Commercial Aviation Safety Team’s statistical research clearly shows LOC-I representing the most severe cause factor in commercial aviation over the past 10 years, resulting in the most crash-related fatalities from 1999 through 2008.
“Polaris Aviation Solutions is committed to providing the highest quality safety training available to its professional pilot team. We are a leader in the aviation management and charter industry in implementing comprehensive safety of flight mitigations identified through our ISBAO and Wyvern approved operations and safety management system. We recognize loss of control in-flight is the leading cause of fatalities in commercial aviation. It only makes sense to teach professional pilots upset recovery techniques starting today.” said Mike Santiago, President & CEO at Polaris Aviation Solutions, “APS Emergency Maneuver Training has demonstrated its ability to consistently provide the highest quality upset recovery training in a manner that directly compliments our unparalleled safety program”.

“It is a great pleasure to be working along side Polaris Aviation Solutions in its unwavering efforts to remain established at the forefront of aviation safety training practices.” says Paul BJ Ransbury, President of APS Emergency Maneuver Training. “APS fully supports upcoming industry regulatory changes to improve the safety of air travel by addressing the LOC-I threat head-on. Robust upset recovery training solutions must be proven effective and remain focused on recognition and avoidance through enhanced pilot awareness”.

Polaris Aviation Solutions

Polaris Aviation Solutions is an aircraft management and charter services company committed to providing transparency, integrity, and flexibility to the corporate aviation community. It was founded in 2007 by veteran pilots and aviation management professionals who realized a demand for personalization within the aircraft management and charter industry. Please visit us at Booth #1003 at the NBAA Conference. More information available at:

APS Emergency Maneuver Training

APS Emergency Maneuver Training, an FAA-approved 141 Flight School specializing in Upset Recovery, Spin Training and Instrument Recovery courses, offers what has been coined the “Master’s Degree Program in Upset Prevention and Recovery Training”. Each online, on-aircraft and full flight simulator training program provided by APS is compliant with the Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid. The APS staff of instructors are all former military formal-course instructor pilots with vast airline experience to ensure the recovery techniques taught at APS are directly transferrable to commercial jet pilots. The APS fleet of German-built piston Extra 300Ls and turbo jet L-39 Albatrosses, in conjunction with CAE Level D Full Full Flight Simulators, offer the ideal training resources to safely instruct all aspects of the various APS upset prevention and recovery training programs.

More information available at: For media inquiries, contact the APS Public Relations Coordinator, Faye Hamilton, in Mesa, Arizona USA 480-279-1881or via email at

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