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Identifying the Ideal Upset Training Solution – Webinar by APS

APS will present a free webinar on Identifying Your Ideal Upset Training to inform the industry on the advancements in Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) and the ideal training platforms and strategies to effectively mitigate the risk of Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I), the #1 cause of fatalities across all sectors of aviation.

Mesa, Arizona (PRWEB) June 22, 2021 – Aviation Performance Solutions LLC (APS), the global leader in Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT), is pleased to present a free industry webinar on how to build the ideal upset training solution. In a rapidly developing field such as UPRT, understanding the relative contributions of available aircraft training platforms and other training program components can help you make the most informed choices. This invaluable information offers research-based criteria on the ideal upset training to optimize your training experience and value based on your flight operations.

WHEN: Thursday, June 24, 2021 at 9am PDT / 12pm EDT

For over a decade, Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) has been the number one cause of fatalities across all sectors of aviation and is the number one fatal risk you face on every flight. “Properly conducted UPRT effectively mitigates the LOC-I risk, as well as providing additional benefits for professional pilots,” said Paul ‘BJ’ Ransbury, CEO of APS. “Understanding the critical factors you need in order to get the absolute best training allows you to identify the optimal upset training solution for your specific flight operations.”


Aviation Performance Solutions LLC (APS) trains thousands of professional pilots and instructors in comprehensive Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) skill development each year. APS UPRT programs include integrated Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) solutions via industry-leading computer-based, virtual, on-aircraft (jet, turboprop, and piston), and advanced simulator UPRT. All training is in full compliance with the Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aids – Revisions 2 and 3, FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 120-109A Stall Prevention and Recovery Training, ICAO Manual on Aeroplane Upset Prevention and Recovery Training, IATA Guidance Material and Best Practices for the Implementation of UPRT, FAA AC 120-111 Upset Prevention and Recovery Training, and the APS-pioneered Every Pilot In Control Solution Standard™ (EPIC-S2™) for effective UPRT. Headquartered at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport in Mesa, Arizona, with additional training locations in the USA and Europe, APS provides immediate, turnkey global access to comprehensive UPRT solutions.

Free UPRT Insights Course

Learn advanced UPRT academics online in APS’ Online Learning Academy. Start out with our FREE UPRT Insights course, which gives you a high level overview of the core academic fundamentals taught in each academy course.


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