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Elevate Your Standards: 2019 Bombardier Safety Standdown Recap

Each year the Bombardier Safety Standdown brings members of the business aviation community together to focus on safety. The theme for the 2019 conference, “Elevate Your Standards,” promoted safety through taking a hard look at what standards are, how they are created, why they are so important, and what their limitations are. 

In the aviation industry, standards are critical and adherence to proper standards saves lives. The conference featured excellent and inspirational presentations on general topics related to setting standards as well as very specific aviation-related topics such as how technology affects our safety standards or what standards we can set to reduce fatigue.

APS VP of Training and Business Development, Randy Brooks, gave a general session presentation on Creating Standards, which details a history of how Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) standards were created and have evolved over time — showing how standards must change and adapt in order to become more effective. He also presented a workshop on Elevating Standards in Upset Prevention and Recovery Training. You can see these presentations at the links below:

You can also watch the other presentations from the Standdown on the Bombardier Safety Standdown Vimeo feed. The presentations not only offer relevant and important information, but they also inspire a stronger safety culture and, many times, the speakers inspire us to higher standards and continued in other areas of life as well.  

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