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APS Travels to Singapore and South Korea Assisting with Continued ICAO Seminars on Upset Recovery

APS' Clarke "Otter" McNeace Assits ICAO in South Korea
APS’ Clarke “Otter” McNeace Assits ICAO in South Korea

Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) has again traveled as an official ICAO team member to provide worldwide presentations and simulator demonstrations to airlines, regulators, and global training experts concerning recently published ICAO Manual on Aeroplane Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) recommendations. Captain Clarke McNeace flew half-way around the world from Arizona to represent APS in Seoul, Korea and Singapore while giving presentations and conducting numerous Airline UPRT demonstrations in the Boeing 777 full flight simulator.
In a far-reaching initiative, ICAO has been conducting one and two-day workshops globally, which are designed to educate aviation industry stakeholders of the ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) regarding UPRT as well as industry best practices pertaining to reducing the threat of Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I).  LOC-I has been the leading cause of aviation fatalities for the past decade and ICAO, along with the FAA, EASA, Boeing, Airbus, CAE, APS and numerous other industry leaders have contributed significant resources to promoting an industry-wide consensus on effective pilot training methods to deal with upset events.
For each of the two workshops, over 100 attendees of numerous airlines, corporate flight departments, flight training organizations, and regulators were on-hand to hear a well-received comprehensive set of presentations addressing the full-spectrum of UPRT implementation issues.  Captain McNeace delivered presentations on the first day of a two-day event that were coordinated with Capt. Henry Defalque, Chief Technical Officer at ICAO, Capt. Lou Nemeth, CAE Global Safety Officer, and Viktor Robeck, Head of Regulatory Affairs at IATA.

ICAO Singapore Event
Attendees of the ICAO UPRT Event in Singapore

The first day was dedicated to a historical and regulatory perspective on industry-wide UPRT and the second day provided the attendees an opportunity to participate in simulator UPRT demonstrations conducted by Captains McNeace and Nemeth.  Since these workshops were the first in this global region, it allowed attendees to get some facetime with the industry’s UPRT leaders.
Dr. Sunjoo Advani, former chairman of the ICATEE working group that led to global changes in training to prevent LOC-I, made time to present at the Singapore ICAO workshop giving his perspective of UPRT compliance.  Dr. Advani has been recognized as a leading industry consultant for LOC-I mitigation services and his presentations helped the attendees to gain a greater historical and regulatory perspective.
APS is honored to dedicate time and resources to assist ICAO in reducing the risk of LOC-I to the world’s traveling public.  Mitigating LOC-I through improved and standardized industry-wide UPRT is one of the top three priorities (along with reducing the risk of runway safety and controlled flight into terrain) in the ICAO Global Aviation Safety Plan. The entire APS team is grateful to be part of ICAO’s industry initiatives in improving air safety worldwide.


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