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Global Industry UPRT Update – 2021/2022

APS announces the annual 2021/2022 Global Industry UPRT Update delivered by Paul ‘BJ’ Ransbury, CEO of Aviation Performance Solutions LLC (APS), with input from over 100 experts and operators. The update starts with a statistical look back on Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I), then proceeds with a discussion of Upset Prevention and Recovery Training advancements, initiatives, and topics of interest.

Mesa, Arizona (PRWeb) – January 27, 2022 – APS announces the annual 2021/2022 Global Industry UPRT Update delivered by Paul ‘BJ’ Ransbury, CEO of Aviation Performance Solutions LLC (APS), based on survey-based feedback from Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) experts and operators alike. The flow of the annual update follows a statistical look back, summarizes high level insights from the surveyed body, and concludes with a breakdown in advancements from the perspectives of technology, national aviation authorities activities, training expansion, and key focus areas as the industry looks to the future.

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“It is an honor and privilege to once again present this annual update on UPRT across the aviation industry,” said Paul ‘BJ’ Ransbury, CEO of APS, “As we finally see Upset Prevention and Recovery Training emerging as a focus area, it is important for operators and stakeholders to be aware of the inherent challenges faced by the industry as an all-new domain of safety intervention evolves. While there is a long way to go, the industry is taking overall-positive steps in the right direction”


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