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V-G Diagram Discussion with APS Training

Please review the video training sessions below for a detailed overview of the meaning of the V-G Diagram as it relates to upset recovery, stall/spin and unusual attitude training in any fixed wing aircraft.

V-G Diagram: Video #1


V-G Diagram: Video #2


V-G Diagram: Video #3


V-G Diagram: Video #4


V-G Diagram: Video #5

Clarke “Otter” McNeace, VP – Flight Operations
Aerobatic, Upset Recovery & Spin Training Instructor

Director of Flight Training / Check Pilot

NAFI Master CFI-Aerobatic
United States’ First NAFI CFI-Aerobatic
Part 141 Assistant Chief Flight Instructor / Gold Seal Flight Instructor
FAASTeam Lead Representative
13,000+ Flight Hours
F/A-18 Hornet Instructor | Fighter Weapons Instructor
Airline Transport Pilot – 10 years | Airline Captain B-737
Tailwheel, Complex, Sailplane endorsements
B.S. Computer Science, University of Kansa

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