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Upset Prevention and Recovery Training in Flight Simulators

Simulator ExercisesThe use of most Full Flight Simulators is based on training requirements that demand initial and recurrent qualification training for all jet aircraft and airplanes weighing over 12,500 pounds. As in most things in life, there is a demand to get the most value out of the money spent for pilot training. This constant demand for efficiency ultimately leads most pilot training programs to meet the regulatory requirements in the least time possible because, again mimicking life in general, in flight training time is money.
That would be fine if the training regulations were hitting the mark in terms of the overall effect that we would like them to have on aviation safety, and in the vast majority of situations the regulations currently in place do just that. Nothing has improved aviation safety more than the introduction of high fidelity flight simulation.  There is one area of notable exception, however, that regulatory requirements have not fully addressed.
Accident statistics clearly show that Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) continues to be the leading cause of aviation fatalities in both general and commercial aviation. APS flight training mitigates the threat of Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) through the delivery of Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) in Full Flight Simulators as well as in all-attitude/all-envelope capable aircraft in order to gain the maximum benefit that each training platform has to offer.
Though UPRT is not currently required by regulations due to regulatory implementation timelines, an increasing number of flight departments, government agencies, and individual pilots are becoming aware of the accident statistics and are seeking the best means to reduce their in-flight risks. From the standpoint of overall risk mitigation UPRT is the best value in pilot training.
Instructor qualification in the delivery of UPRT in a Full Flight Simulator is essential to eliminate the risk of negative training that can occur when simulators are used beyond their valid training envelope. The qualified instructors of APS have more expertise in the delivery of simulator-based UPRT than anyone else in the civil aviation world.


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