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Tailoring the Future of Safety: Every Pilot In Control Personalized Protocols (EPIC-PP) for UPRT

In the realm of aviation safety, the journey towards perfection is unending. Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) leads this quest with the introduction of the Every Pilot In Control Solution Standard (EPIC-S2), a comprehensive framework designed to enhance the effectiveness of Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT). Building upon this solid foundation, APS pioneers the next evolution in pilot training customization: the Every Pilot In Control Personalized Protocols (EPIC-PP).

A Customized Approach to Mastery

EPIC-PP revolutionizes UPRT by tailoring training to the individual pilot, focusing on the specific aircraft they operate, their flying conditions (single-pilot, crewed, high altitude, IMC, VMC), and integrating a blend of academic, on-aircraft, and advanced simulation training. This personalized approach ensures that pilots receive the most relevant and effective training, addressing the unique challenges in their day-to-day operations.

Core Components of EPIC-PP

  1. Academic Preparation: Groundwork is essential. All pilots undergo at least five hours of instructor-led on-site live ground training, supplemented by optional self-paced online preparatory training to maximize practical training benefits.
  2. On-Aircraft UPRT: Direct experience matters. Pilots engage in at least three piston all-attitude aircraft training sessions to instill fundamental strategies and address human factors like startle and fear. Jet pilots and those operating high-performance turboprops participate in specialized jet training sessions to tackle high-altitude aerodynamics and unique operational challenges.
  3. Advanced Simulation: Bridging the gap between theory and reality. Simulation sessions allow for the safe conduct of low-altitude upset sets, all-weather scenarios, and crew resource management (CRM) training. The goal is to transfer skills into pilots’ everyday environments through class-specific simulators or VR/XR training devices, emphasizing the importance of realistic, adaptable training tools.

Personalized Protocols in Action

The versatility of EPIC-PP shines through in its application across diverse flying environments. For example, high-altitude operations require specialized training to manage reduced aerodynamic damping and control sensitivity, essential for jet pilots. Conversely, single-pilot operations in piston aircraft focus on core academic and piston-specific on-aircraft training, honing skills crucial for these aviators.

The Role of the Elite UPRT Instructor

Central to EPIC-PP’s success is the elite UPRT instructor, who integrates and correlates training across all platforms. They ensure the transferability of skills and knowledge, guiding pilots through the nuances of their specific flying environments. This expert guidance ensures that pilots learn to avoid and manage upsets and apply these skills effectively in real-world scenarios.


The Every Pilot In Control Personalized Protocols (EPIC-PP) marks a significant advancement in UPRT, offering a tailored, comprehensive approach that addresses the individual needs of pilots. By focusing on the specifics of aircraft operation, environment, and crew dynamics, APS sets a new standard in aviation safety training, ensuring that every pilot has the knowledge and skills to maintain control, no matter the circumstances.

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