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Make your Safety Management System (SMS) More Robust and Watch Your Safety Culture Flourish

The best flight departments succeed in making stakeholders happy and also attract the best pilots. One of the most critical aspects of excellence in any flight organization is safety, so it pays to prioritize the highest safety practices. Whether you are an individual pilot, a charter operation, a corporate flight department, military organization or the largest airline, Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) will transform your SMS and allow your safety culture to thrive.  Additionally, while it may not be obvious at first, your investment in safety pays dividends in all kinds of ways. 

Accident Mitigation 

Accident mitigation is the most straightforward benefit of UPRT, but to what extent can this training truly make a difference? Because UPRT mitigates the number one cause of fatalities across all sectors of aviation, Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I), the difference can be astronomical. While LOC-I accidents are rare, they happen, and when they do, they are both costly and deadly. UPRT ensures your pilots have ingrained the often counterintuitive skills necessary to better recognize and prevent an accident in the first place, but if not, to recover effectively in spite of what will certainly be a high stress situation with very little time to react.

Safety Culture

One of the most commonly unexpected but highly appreciated benefits flight departments observe after pilots graduate from UPRT is the increased awareness and focus on safety and accident mitigation. Pilots who have trained together become incredibly effective at communicating with each other any developing issues and exercising effective crew resource management. 

Also, UPRT allows your pilots to develop and enhance their manual handling skills, thus contributing to increased competence and confidence during regular manual flight operations. 


A robust SMS must include functional components that uphold an effective safety culture.  Safety Risk Management is one of these components (as shown in graphic above) that identifies the hazard such as LOC-I and prescribes an appropriate path of mitigation.  Regular UPRT is the industry-recommended mitigation that can help you control cost and enhance your safety culture.

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