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NBAA Safety Standdown Presentations: Overcoming Loss of Control In-Flight (LOC-I)

Overcoming Loss of Control In-flightGiven that Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) accounts for over 40% of fatal general aviation accidents and is the leading cause of fatalities in the civilian aviation sector, the NBAA focuses continued efforts on reducing the risk of LOC-I to it’s membership.  In particular, the 2015 NBAA Single Pilot Safety Standdown centered around an important industry video titled “Alone in the Cockpit,” with presentations by leading industry experts on understanding Loss of Control In-flight as well as strategies to mitigate the risk. A 90-minute training session is now available to help pilots and flight crews benefit from the valuable lessons learned in the Safety Standdown.

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Summary: Overcoming Loss of Control In-flight

The E-presentation consists of 8 videos in which Paul “BJ” Ransbury, lead of the NBAA LOC-I working group and president of APS, delves into the ideas presented in the award-nominated “Alone in the Cockpit” video product as well as key points–where relevant–from the Single Pilot Safety Standdown presentations at NBAA 2015 (below).

Safety Standdown Presentations (Performed Live at NBAA in 2015)

Listed below are the presentations surrounding the risk of LOC-I and strategies to mitigate that risk during NBAA 2015.

  • Loss of Control – Is This Really a Big Deal?
    A review of LOC-I statistics presented by Dr. Earl Weener, NTSB Safety Board
  • Yes, That Really Could Be Me
    Strategies for preventing Loss of Control In-flight presented by Tom Turner, American Bonanza Society Air Safety Foundation
  • Dealing with Out of Control – You & Your Aircraft
    A review of LOCI-I recovery techniques presented by Paul “BJ” Ransbury, Aviation Performance Solutions, presented on
  • New Technology To Help When Things Are Getting Out of Hand
    A review of new technology to help prevent LOC-I presented by Noel Duerksen, Garmin International

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