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EASA Hears APS Expert Testimony on Airplane Upset Training


EASA Headquarters
Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) was invited to the headquarters of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in Cologne, Germany on September 9, 2014 to present important recommendations for consideration concerning On-aircraft Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) Instructor qualification and training standards to the EASA Rulemaking Group Meeting. A version of this EASA presentation recently presented by APS in Thailand is included below.

Integration of Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Initiatives

Capt. Clarke McNeace
Capt. Clarke McNeace

APS Vice President Clarke McNeace not only represented APS but the Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Association (UPRTA) where he acts voluntarily as a Vice President of Instructor Training and Quality Assurance. UPRTA and APS have co-labored to promote the industry’s safe and effective delivery of UPRT in aircraft as well as simulators. EASA recognized this significant contribution, which led to their invitation of Capt. McNeace as EASA considers the myriad of safety and training issues of proper on-aircraft UPRT. In keeping with ICAO’s recommendation to integrate on-aircraft UPRT for all pilots obtaining a CPL, EASA has decided to follow-thru with this recommendation for it’s member states.

Paradigm-shifting Upset Presentation on On-Aeroplane UPRT Instructors

Mr. McNeace delivered a potentially paradigm-shifting presentation to the important working group. He explained how the integration of all three components of proper UPRT (awareness, prevention, AND recovery training) are needed to maximize a pilot’s prevention skill-sets to reduce the risk of Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I), aviation leading fatal accident causal factor. Once this foundational footprint was understood by the group, Mr. McNeace was able to prescribe various critical qualifications and standards for an on-aircraft UPRT instructor. The group benefited from hearing of Capt. McNeace’s UPRT perspective based on vast instructing experience in this domain. He went on to emphasize how their rule making concerning UPRT instructors will impact directly the industry’s safety in pilot certifications as well as the industry’s long-term mitigation of the number one cause of aviation fatalities, Loss of Control-Inflight.

Video EASA Presentation (as presented in Thailand in Sep 2014)

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