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Burbank, CA: APS Speaks at TBMOPA on Upset Recovery Training

TBMOPA RampClarke “Otter” McNeace, the VP of Flight Training and Standards for Aviation Performance Solutions, headed west on Saturday morning, 8 June 2013, to present at the annual Avex TBMOPA Safety Day. Avex, Inc., located at the Camarillo Airport north of Burbank California, has become one of the most recognized and respected names in the TBM aircraft network. Since 1999 they have become the best-in-class for TBM sales and service. As part of their commitment to their client’s safety, they host this one-day safety symposium featuring numerous speakers from around the country. They also host a dinner party in which they honor various TBM pilots/owners for their contributions to the network.
Mr. McNeace was asked by Avex to make an hour and a half presentation to an audience of at least 75 pilots on the topic of general aviation’s number one killer, loss of control-inflight. Clarke started with a high level view of why upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT) was needed and the components of an effective UPRT program. He additionally presented some often misunderstood yet critical aerodynamic principles of aircraft upsets. Many in the audience came forward after the presentation to seek further information about how and where they could get this life-saving training. As Clarke headed back to Phoenix the next day, he considered the safety symposium a big success due to Avex’s attention to detail and excellent selection of various highly qualified speakers.

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