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All-Attitude All-Envelope Red Zones: Pilot / Instructor Deficiencies in Loss of Control

Addressing Upset Prevention Training in Aviation

The airline industry’s Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid, Revision 2 defines airplane upset as “an airplane in flight unintentionally exceeding the parameters normally experienced in line operations or training: pitch attitude greater than 25 degrees nose up; pitch attitude greater than 10 degrees nose down; bank angle greater than 45 degrees; or, [pitch and bank] within the above parameters, but flying at airspeeds inappropriate for the conditions.” As a flight training industry, how ready are we to teach this area of upset prevention skill enhancement in aviation?

The following video is an excerpt from a presentation given by APS president, Paul BJ Ransbury, in Bangkok, Thailand in September 2011 at the Halldale APATS 2011 Event.



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