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AIN Article: Upset Prevention Training Offers Huge Safety Gains

The following excerpt is from the article “Upset Prevention Training Offers Huge Safety Gains,” written by AIN journalist  Rick Adams as coverage for the Paris Air Show. Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) is understandably a key topic for air show attendees from pilots to aircraft manufacturers. This article highlights the vital contribution of using jet training platforms in the delivery of training, as well as the under appreciated aspects of upset prevention which accrue from the development of recovery skills.

Upset Prevention Training Offers Huge Safety Gains

By Rick Adams

Original article: Upset Prevention Training Offers Huge Safety Gains on AIN

We can lower the number of loss of control accidents by 50 percent,” claims John Cox, who told AIN this can be done by applying a combination of academics, simulator and in-aircraft training. Capt. Cox is CEO of Washington, DC-based Safety Operating Systems and a veteran pilot for a major airline, as well as of corporate and general aviation aircraft. He has notched more than 14,000 flight hours.

Cox recently flew an S211 Marchetti swept-wing jet trainer, doing stalls at 32,000 feet and wake encounters as part of a high-altitude upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT) course offered by Advanced Performance Solutions (APS) in Mesa, Arizona–similar to that done by new AIN editor-in-chief Matt Thurber last year.

“Pilots don’t understand that what we taught for 30 years was horribly flawed, because you can’t power out of a stall or even a high angle-of-attack condition in a jet at high altitude,” Cox, who flew with APS President Paul ‘B.J.’ Ransbury, said. “We wanted to take the Marchetti up high and prove it”…

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