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3 Ways to Leverage UPRT in a Pilot Shortage

While Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) provides the multiple benefits of enhancing pilot skills, mitigating the number one fatal risk to air safety, and keeping manual flight operations proficiency and airmanship sharp, the current pilot shortage highlights a few unique benefits to pilots and flight organizations:

Leverage UPRT for Pilot Shortage

Accelerate Skill Development of Low-time Pilots
With today’s shortage of highly qualified and experienced applicants, flight organizations at every level are being compelled to hire pilots with less flying time than might have been competitive in the past. A three-day UPRT course is an efficient and cost-effective way to ensure your pilots develop robust and advanced skill sets while further developing their manual flight operations proficiency and cementing excellent airmanship principles. APS works with corporate flight departments, Part 135 operators and airlines to bring pilots to the highest standards of proficiency and safety. While UPRT is critical for all pilots — even seasoned pilots — to introduce and maintain skills to prevent or recover from unexpected in-flight situations, low-time pilots experience enormous gains in capability from a small investment of time and money. In addition, UPRT enhances the safety culture of a flight organization by fostering seamless and effective coordination of flight crews through a broader range of the flight envelope.

Attract Top Notch Talent
Excellent pilots are attracted to excellent flight departments. Offering comprehensive upset training not only demonstrates a commitment to safety and excellence, but it also shows that your organization cares about its pilots, prioritizes their welfare, and is willing to invest in their development and proficiency. For pilots familiar with the benefits of UPRT, taking a position where training is regularly incorporated will be an exciting, career boosting benefit. Even for pilots unfamiliar with this essential training, an appreciation of the importance of this training in mitigating the number one cause of pilot fatalities will impress upon them the commitment your organization has to safety.

Make Your Resume Stand Out
If you’re a pilot trying to land your dream position during this global pilot shortage, you are in a favorable situation. Upset Prevention and Recovery Training on your resume can give you an extra edge by demonstrating your commitment to safety and excellence, as well as giving a prospective employer peace of mind that you are prepared to handle any in-flight situation that may arise, even a rare or complex scenario.

With the staffing challenges seen in today’s pilot hiring environment, every advantage is important. The short training time and crucial benefits of UPRT provide a beneficial differentiator for pilot hiring. UPRT sets pilots and flight organizations up for success in today’s demanding pilot hiring environment which has no end in sight.



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