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Industry UPRT Update 2020 by APS

APS CEO, Paul BJ Ransbury, was honored to provide the 2020 Industry UPRT Update at the Global Airline Training & Simulation Virtual (GATS-V) Conference in November 2020. His presentation combines the insights of over a dozen surveyed experts on significant advances in Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) for the airline, simulation, and commercial aviation industries. A short statistical Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) update is followed by an industry overview focused on UPRT from the perspectives of technology, regulatory affairs, and training evolutions with a view to the future.

In Great Appreciation, with Permission, of All Technical Survey Participants for this Presentation
  • Capt. David Carbaugh (Boeing Retired)
  • Capt. Bryan Wright (United Airlines – UPRT Program Manager)
  • Capt. John Cox (Safety Operating Systems, Retired Airline Captain, Former ALPA Executive Air Safety Chairman)
  • Dr. Janeen Kochan (PhD, Embry-Riddle Professor, Human Factors Research Scientist, Designated FAA Flight Examiner, Retired Airline Captain)
  • Capt. Bryan Burks (Alaska Airlines)
  • Capt. Brian Sims (Delta Air Lines)
  • Capt. Brad Bennetts (South African Airways)
  • Capt. Steve Stowe (Air Force Test Pilot School, Retired Airline Captain, Bombardier-Boeing-Mitsubishi Flight Test Pilot)
  • Hartmut Fabisch (IATA)
  • Capt. Savio Schmitz (Emirates)
  • Capt. Clarke McNeace (APS)
  • Randall Brooks (APS)
  • Tara Singkasa (Specialized Aviation Training Solutions – Thailand)
  • Federal Aviation Administration (contributor name(s) protected).

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