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Airbus Instructor Pilot Assesses APS Train-the-Trainer Course

In addition to being an airline Pilot Instructor on the Airbus A340, Bradley Bennetts also has significant all-attitude environment experience as an aerobatic pilot in his Extra 300L aircraft. This combination of experience is referenced in the following testimonial provided after finishing his APS Phase 1 Simulator Instructor Upset Delivery Training program in December 2012 at Aviation Performance Solutions (APS). With the knowledge and skills provided by the APS Train-the-Trainer course and Bradley Bennett’s dedicated leadership over the next three years, South African Airways (SAA) has completed all four phases of the APS Simulator Instructor Train the Trainer program as an APS-licensed UPRT Airline. SAA has trained all 700 of its pilots in a focused, fully comprehensive 2-hour ground and 4-hour simulator session in full compliance with the ICAO Manual on Aeroplane UPRT.

Additionally, here are the testimonials of  three senior SAA training captains who also trained alongside Mr. Bennett:

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