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APS contracts directly with your airline to provide full, high-quality UPRT to your instructor pilot team. We come to the table with a fully-developed program including presentations, study tools, training manuals, and comprehensive instructor training. Our expert team of APS airline type-specific upset training instructors train your selected instructors, developing them into UPRT trainers and subject matter experts, while APS provides continual support, resources, and oversight to maintain the highest level of UPRT for your airline.

Key Benefits:

  • Implement turn-key UPRT solutions to train subject matter experts and implement a powerful, regulatory compliant program that saves lives
  • Save enormous time and resources while ensuring your airline benefits from a smooth transition to a world-class UPRT program
  • Gain long-term skills discipline, and strategies, transferable between aircraft types
  • Significantly mitigate the risk of LOC-I to improve overall operational safety

Capt. Brad Bennetts, Chief Instructor – APS Airbus Type-Specific Upset Training

“Having personally trained hundreds of airline pilots in strict accordance with the APS Airbus Type-specific Upset Prevention and Recovery Training program, the knowledge and skill benefits are powerful and long lasting. Without exception, the crews walk away from the course with a vastly increased awareness and a clear understanding that upset prevention, bolstered by potent recovery skills, is the main line of defense in overcoming Loss of Control In-flight. In addition to gaining a robust understanding of the Airbus fly-by-wire controls laws and their practical management in degraded modes, pilots gain their most powerful life-saving skills from diligently pursuing the proven and resilient APS methods and technologies to assure pilot effectiveness and efficiency in an airplane upset crisis.”

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