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The APS Europe location is based at the Breda International Airport (also called the Seppe Airport) in the Netherlands, which is about an hour drive south of Amsterdam or an hour drive north of Brussels, Belgium. The Breda Airport is the perfect location for flight training with its access to lots of low-density airspace, accessible almost immediately after takeoff. The airport is home to numerous corporate or general aviation clients, along with emergency services and a popular on-field restaurant.

  • Based at Breda International Airport (EHSE)
  • Accessible from Amsterdam or Brussels
  • Convenient location for European residents
  • Experience the cultural heritage of the Netherlands

About Our Facility

Many 4-star hotels are located within a 2-10 minute drive of the Breda Airport and are situated in parts of the beautiful Dutch countryside. Most of the hotels are within easy walking distance to nice cafes and restaurants. Many beautiful wooded-walking paths await your relaxing stroll after a comprehensive day of training. And if you need some more excitement, an indoor skydive facility, go-cart center, 9-hole golf course, and an in-door swimming center are all located in the immediate area. For those interested in exploring outside the local area, beautiful beaches and classic windmills are within a 45-minute drive.


The APS Europe team works from comfortable facilities designed to maximize the learning environment with classrooms, a lounge with coffee and tea, and free Wi-Fi accessibility. The team is passionate about providing training to professional pilots who are interested in improving their knowledge, skills, and awareness in relation to Loss of Control In-flight. They pride themselves on A+ customer service, comprehensive industry-leading training, and safe quality training platforms. APS looks forward to the opportunity of working with your team of pilots to enhance air safety.


All of the upset training courses offered at APS teach every participant to recover from a wide diversity of in-flight upset situations or flight envelope excursions. Most importantly, the APS Europe training programs are focused on promoting recognition and avoidance through in-flight and simulator training integrated with a thorough theoretical understanding of the aerodynamics involved with each potential flight condition. To accomplish this, pilots are immersed in the world of unusual attitude and uncommon flight envelope conditions, while instilling participants with effective recognition, avoidance, and recovery capabilities.


The entire team at APS Europe is devoted to making your flight training session an exciting, memorable highlight. From the moment you make your first contact with APS to the actual flight and beyond, you’ll be in the hands of professionals. Each instructor pilot’s professional flight experience spans a highly specialized spectrum of aviation that uniquely qualifies them as the ideal training providers. All have extensive experience in general aviation, aerobatic maneuvering, military instruction, technologically advanced aircraft, and commercial and/or transport category flight operations.

We look forward to flying with you!

Hendrikus ‘Henk’ Hoogervorst
Hendrikus ‘Henk’ Hoogervorst
Advanced Instructor Pilot

Aircraft & Simulators

APS uses training platforms that are specifically designed to meet the intended role of the training program.

Please read more about the upset training programs available at this location:

Slingsby T67M200 Firefly

In Europe, APS Training employs the Slingsby T-67M 200 Firefly for on-aircraft training courses. The Slingsby is exceptionally suited to assuring your team’s safety requirements.

CAE Level-D Boeing 737NG: Simulator

The Boeing 737 Next Generation, commonly abbreviated as Boeing 737NG, has four sizes that typically seat 110 to 210 passengers.They are medium-range jet airliners.


Breda International Airport (also called Seppe Airport), home and headquarters for APS Europe, is located on the outskirts of Bosschenhoofd in the province of North Brabant in the Netherlands. We are passionate about providing training to professional pilots interested in improving their knowledge, skills and awareness in relation to Loss of Control In-flight.

APS Europe, LLC
A Division of Aviation Performance Solutions

Physical Location:
Bredasebaan 8
4744 RZ Bosschendhoofd, Netherlands

Driving and Train Directions

Mailing Address:
Bredasebaan 8
4744 RZ Bosschendhoofd, Netherlands

Local Information (USA to NL): 011 +31 16 5313559
Local Information (EU to NL): +31 16 5313559
Bookings for APS Europe: 1-480-279-1881 (USA)
Email: [email protected]


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