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Virtual Reality (VR / MR) Advanced UPRT Device

Virtual Reality UPRT

Our cutting-edge Virtual Reality (VR) Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) program offers an immersive and type-specific experience that will equip you with the skills to culminate your integrated UPRT solution package at APS to conquer the #1 threat to aviation safety – Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I). Prepare to take your transferable proficiency to unparalleled heights with APS Virtual Reality UPRT.

Unleashing the Power of Virtual Reality UPRT

Our Virtual Reality UPRT takes training to a whole new level, offering a dynamic and immersive environment that allows you to consolidate your knowledge of your specific aircraft type. By delving into a three-dimensional view from either inside or outside the cockpit, you’ll gain an unmatched understanding of aircraft behavior and positioning during upsets. This award-winning VR experience complements and enhances the standard UPRT program, providing you with unparalleled benefits.

Benefits of APS Virtual Reality UPRT

Transfer Core UPRT Skills to Your Exact Cockpit

There’s no substitute for precision, and with APS Virtual Reality UPRT, you’ll experience an unparalleled level of visual accuracy. Tailored to your specific aircraft type, this immersive training allows you to transfer core UPRT skills directly to your cockpit, ensuring you’re equipped to handle upsets with absolute confidence.

See, Feel, Hear, and Solve Upsets in ‘Reality’

In our proprietary VR/MR UPRT program, you’ll face upsets in a remarkably realistic virtual environment. You’ll see, feel, and hear every nuance of the experience, immersing you in a world that closely mirrors real-life situations. As you resolve challenging scenarios, your senses will be finely tuned, enabling you to react swiftly and decisively in any situation.

‘Closed Loop’ Correlation for Maximum Transfer

The APS Virtual Reality UPRT program isn’t just a stand-alone experience; it’s an integral part of our comprehensive training approach. By maintaining a ‘closed loop’ correlation between VR training and the standard UPRT program, we ensure maximum knowledge transfer and skill integration, empowering you to retain and apply critical techniques effectively.

Finishes the Process of UPRT Integration

Completing the UPRT integration is crucial to your development as an aviator. With APS Virtual Reality UPRT, you’ll embark on the final phase of the process, solidifying your abilities to handle upsets with finesse and confidence. This critical step prepares you to navigate the skies with unparalleled skill and safety.

Elevate Your Aviation Career with APS

Whether you’re a seasoned pilot seeking to reinforce your skills or an aspiring aviator eager to stand out in the industry, APS Virtual Reality UPRT is your pathway to success. Take control of your training and embrace the future of aviation excellence.

Unlock the Potential of APS Virtual Reality UPRT

Prepare to revolutionize your aviation journey with APS Virtual Reality UPRT. Don’t let LOC-I overshadow your passion for flying. Our immersive and type-specific training experience will empower you to conquer any upset scenario, ensuring you soar to new heights of safety and proficiency.

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