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Sweptwing Glass-cockpit Jet Trainer – SIAI-Marchetti S211

Aircraft Details

Training Location: Arizona

Designed for all-attitude flight instruction of military aviators and offering strong aerodynamic and structural safety margins, our S211 jets offer the perfect platform for jet UPRT training. While the basic concepts of upset prevention and recovery training apply to all fixed-wing airplanes, turn rates and radius of turn vary with speed, and acceleration profiles and sustained load factors can be different between jet and piston aircraft. The economical turbofan powered SIAI-Marchetti S211 can be used for an entire training program or used for a single flight to experience the transfer of training between piston and jet aircraft. The S211 operates at speeds and altitudes emulating the performance range and capabilities of business jet aircraft.



  • Crew: Two (student and instructor)
  • Length: 30.5 feet
  • Wingspan: 27.66 feet
  • Height: 12.46 feet
  • Wing area: 135.63 ft²
  • Empty weight: 4,070 lbs
  • Max takeoff weight: 6,050 lbs
  • Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney JT15D-4C turbofan (2,500 lbs thrust)


  • Never exceed speed: Mach 0.8/400 knots/460 mph
  • Maximum speed: 360 knots/414 mph
  • Stall speed: 74 knots/86 mph
  • Range: 900 nm/1,036 miles
  • Service ceiling: 40,000 ft
  • Rate of climb: 4,200 ft/min
  • Acceleration limits: +6g /−3.0g

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