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Subject: Don Witt’s review of APS in Professional Pilot Magazine, May 2015

APS Article ‘Book Report’ by Malina ‘Molly’ Dallmann, APS Texas

Professional-Pilot-APS-UPRT-May2015-reduced review of apsDon Witt, currently a Learjet instructor and longtime aerobatic instructor, wrote a very complimentary review of APS in Professional Pilot Magazine’s May 2015 issue. He presentsUPRT at APS as a “Very thorough course, includes training by highly qualified instructors in Extra 300 aerobatic aircraft topped off by recoveries done under a hood and finally augmented by sim use.”

Don heard rumor from those that had already been through the course that the training was exceptional. He found that they were correct. He speaks highly of the APS instructors; calling them expert, positive, fun and specialized in both in-flight and academic instruction. Don was thrilled with the standardization between instructors and gives rave reviews of the APS strategy which gives the students a good grasp on “what needs to be addressed and when” in the event of an upset. Using the APS Strategy through repetition to proficiency, with a positive attitude in a safe and enjoyable aircraft makes Don confident that APS is a training program from which all types of pilots will benefit. He goes on to say that the spin awareness training, the practice of recovery maneuvers under the hood as well as the simulator portions of UPRT from APS are, although not yet required by regulations, highly valuable. Don ends with recognizing APS as a leader in upset recovery; very high praise from a highly qualified pilot.



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