Upset Prevention and Recovery Training for Light Jet Pilots

CJP_logo-featureWith the opening of APS operations in Texas, CJP board member Cyrus Sigari saw an opportunity. As an ATP pilot rated in several light jets as well as an aerobatic pilot, Cyrus is a strong believer in the risk mitigation that can be achieved through Upset Prevention and Recovery Training.  After learning that Randy Brooks, the Director of Operations for the new APS site in Arlington, TX would be arriving in the area on the week of the CJP meeting in Dallas, he asked Randy to speak to the group.

Brooks, the VP of Training and Business Development for APS spoke to the group about the Loss of Control In-Flight (LOC-I) accident rate, why current pilot training assumptions can result in pilots being vulnerable to an aircraft upset event , and what training can do to provide solutions to systemic deficiencies.

Participants commented that the information was especially valuable to their owner pilots who often fly single-pilot and was presented in a manner that made it very relevant to their flight operations.

Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

There are 5 key differentiators that make UPRT from APS unlike other training providers.

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