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LOC-I Paradigm Shift

Join APS CEO Paul ‘BJ’ Ransbury for a series of discussions on Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) causes, mitigations and a balanced approach to overcoming the #1 fatal threat to air safety.
Paradigm Shift: a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions.

The LOC-I Paradigm Shift:

This Series Covers:

  • LOC-I Mitigations and Causes
  • The Paradigm Shift
  • LOC-I Escalation Spectrum
  • Challenges with Military-generated Solutions
  • LOC-I Accident Model
  • And More…

Get a Global Perspective on the LOC-I Challenge

Explore the Relationship Between Prevention and Recovery

Learn the Key Factors in Preventing LOC-I Related Accidents

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