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The Falling Leaf Exercise

The Falling Leaf Exercise


Paul "BJ" Ransbury, APS President

Paul BJ Ransbury, APS President

Author: Paul “BJ” Ransbury, President
APS Emergency Maneuver Training

Part 141 Chief Flight Instructor
Master CFI-Aerobatic / CFI / CFII / MEI / AGI
Airbus A320 Pilot, F/A-18 Hornet Fighter Pilot
Cirrus Standardized Instructor
Fighter Weapons Instructor
ICAS Certified Air Show Performer

The Falling Leaf Exercise is not unique to APS Emergency Maneuver Training. This exercise is a great opportunity for the client to observe and experience flight beyond the normal envelope at angles of attack greater than the critical angle of attack. In addition to simply getting the student’s feet moving, the Falling Leaf Exercise is an excellent demonstration of the aerodynamic reality of negative roll damping, exponential drag affects and reverse aileron effect. The awareness of and first-hand experience with negative roll damping is important to the avoidance, understanding and recovery from the various stall conditions, specifically uncoordinated traffic pattern stalls covered later in the course.



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