US Marine Corp Evaluation: Loss of Control Training

As an F/A-18 pilot, I thought I understood every aspect of unusual attitudes, [upset recovery], stall, and spin recoveries. I was wrong. Your program was extremely clear and concise and ensured that the maximum amount information was not only delivered by the instructor, but also retained by the student. Your instructors are extremely knowledgeable and proceed at a pace appropriate for each student. Additionally, they ensure the material taught, is understood by the student before proceeding on to additional [loss of control in-flight] concepts. I wish I had signed up for this course years ago! I now sit close to the cockpit when traveling on commercial air carriers to be within shouting distance so I can yell, PUSH- POWER-RUDDER-ROLL-CLIMB, if necessary. I know that regardless of a pilot’s previous flight experience, they can greatly benefit from the training you provide. Thank you for the outstanding training and flight experience. I will be sure to send all of my pilots through your program.

Overall: Excellent | Booking: Above Average | Service: Excellent | Staff: Excellent | Flight: Excellent